“Neta Acoustics Engineering” provides acoustic consulting and design services to meet the requirements of standards and regulations enshrined in law and in accordance with optimal design parameters. Acoustic consulting services are intended mostly for residential projects, public institutions, educational institutions, offices (shell and interior design), hospitals, industry, cultural halls, studios and more.

Neta, a graduate of Materials Engineering from Ben Gurion University, has an experience in acoustics since 2010.
She worked at the Israeli Standards Institute for 5 years and among other things, writing the acoustics standards.
After that she engaged in acoustic consulting at U. Livni company where she gained extensive experience in acoustic design for hundreds of projects.

Good acoustic design is examined in early detection of acoustic failures at the various design stages while providing creative solutions in accordance with design and budget constraints.

In addition to consulting services, there is also a service of writing acoustic opinions writing a program design, preparing acoustic models for traffic noise, amplification system, characterizing indoor acoustic (auditorium concert hall, synagogue etc.)

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