prediction and imaging model

Acoustic models

“Neta Acoustics Engineering” provides acoustic imaging and prediction services in various methods for a variety of purposes. The imaging enables visual and computational mapping of future noise levels , and thus noise anomalies, future noise receivers for anomalies, help with future planning, shell definition and so on can be predicted.

Model preparation is given to a variety of sectors in the construction industry, e.g. Local authorities, private and public institutions, entrepreneurs, halls, cultural halls, synagogues, sound consultants, amplification companies and more. The preparation of the model is accompanied by the provision of comprehensive advice, along with professionalism and the provision of appropriate solutions to customer satisfaction.

SoundPLAN – environmental Noise Model

Advanced software for predicting noise from transportation, aviation, trains, industry and systems (air conditioning, parking facilities and more).

Model preparation is usually required by local authorities in the stages of planning a new master plan or changing master plans, planning projects near new / existing traffic arteries or projects near the roof of systems where prediction of system noise level and its impact on the environment is required, and more.

With this prediction method it is possible to obtain computational results both numerically and graphically in three dimensions , including sections and more.

Transport Noise Model TNM – Traffic Noise Model

Transport and train noise modeling software. Model preparation is required by authorities in the stages of planning a new master plan or changing a master plan or planning projects near new / existing traffic routes. The model results are only computational (a summary table with final values) without a visual presentation .

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